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Audemars Piguet Skeleton Replica

Whether you're hot or not on Audemars Piguet Grand Complication replica watches (I know I'm not a big fan) I think that you're going to very much enjoy this Audemars Piguet replica skeleton review. It's definitely a cool piece and the dial just kills it. This is obviously one of the coolest Audemars Piguet replica watch I reviewed on my blog and you can clearly see that from my Audemars Piguet replicas reviews.

AP is much credited with creating the luxury steel sport watch replica segment. Why? Well think about it. So it is interesting that the 40th anniversary tribute model be in luxurious platinum.Offered in platinum the case is an interesting contradiction to the original. Still cool, and makes for a good conversion topic. You know how AP lover's like to chat. They, along with other brands such as Patek Philippe, made steel the new gold in a lot of segments. Selling a steel watch at gold watch prices and having it somehow make sense was a revolution at the time.

There's another cool Audemars Piguet Non-Chrono replica watch review on my blog if you want to check it out and that one's a great piece too. There's a lot of decorations and movement pieces going on and I'm glad I finally get to review such a cool skeleton piece.It takes some eyeballing to check out this cool full-on skeleton dial.

As a platinum fake watch the AP Openworked Extra-Thin Royal Oak Limited Edition 40th Anniversary watch will be a pricey specimen. 40 pieces only and I can't wait to try one on. We don't know the exact price until early in 2012 though. Though even the standard is a thin watch as it is. The bracelet is lovely as always and the design looks as pleasing today as it did 40 years ago. The Openworked Extra-Thin Royal Oak is 39mm wide just like the original 1972 Royal Oak. Talk about timeless. Though unfortunately they don't publish the case thickness. Audemars Piguet Dual Time Replica makes a statement about how thin the case is.

It was the Royal Oak Skeleton watch that I discussed hands-on here. It was highly esteemed and hard to get.About two years ago Audemars Piguet released a watch that for me was the predecessor to this timepiece. A very cool watch, the Skeleton Replica was offered in steel and rose gold. There are not a whole lot of skeleton replica watches dials that give you a visible date at just the right spot at 3 o'clock. That's when you see the whole date wheel turn and the dial comes to life more and starts making more sense all of a sudden. This one does though and it's really fun to watch when you're setting it as you'll see in the video.

It looks really unique and fun and you'll always find new small details on it every time you go in for a closeup.This screenshot and the video speak for themselves very much but I'd like to go through some important details here. Rotor is also skeleton and nicely engraved. Movement is full-on skeleton and visible from both the front and the see-through back case. Case is brushed and polished stainless steel case so everything matches here.In addition to some other special models that I anticipate AP releasing, this watch is a fun tribute to the history of the iconic luxury fake sports watch. It is also a beautiful execution of skeletonization and mechanics.2012 is the 40th anniversary of the original fake watch designed by Gerald Genta for Audemars Piguet.

For more than 40 years now one of the most desirable sports watches replica has been the Audemars Piguet Skeleton. What's different about this $60,300 model? It's skeletonised and mounted not on the usual bracelet, but on an alligator strap.Compared the previous skeletonized model this one offers a different dial. The skeletonization is again mixed with a high degree of legibility and function (not the lumed hour markers, hands, and minute scale). No trade-off here between function and aesthetics. This model also has the date, and a thin movement that is 3.05mm wide.Inside the AP Royal Oak Extra-Thin Royal Oak is a delicately cut in-house made Audemars Piguet calibre 5122 automatic movement. The rotor is in 22k gold with a lovely AP initials engraving.

Press play on the video below and let me know how you like this replica Audemars Piguet skeleton watch.